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Budget and Dedications

Budget and Dedications


Campaign Goal $1,600,000

Make a Difference, Leave Your Mark

Dedication Opportunities to Change the Course of Jewish History

House Founder: $300,000 RESERVED (Julian and Mona Feldman)

Shul / Synagogue Dedication: $200,000

Hebrew High Dedication: $100,000 The (your name) Hebrew High

Co-Founder: $25,000 RESERVED (Shmuel and Bluma Marcus)

Co-Founder: $10,000 RESERVED (Ed Burchman)

Kosher Kitchen $25,000

The Jewish Theater: $30,000

Shabbat Rooms (2) $25,000 ea.

Hebrew Book Collection $11,000

Total Needed $1,600,000 Total raised as of 2/20/14: $910,000

Items needed now to finish construction of phase 1

Demo / Plans/ permits $3500 (Rabin Family)

Construction / Upgrades $11,000 (Showley Family)

New Wall with Windows $4300 (Kosef Family)

Foundation / Floor: $3000 (Sanchez Family)

English Book Collection: $8,000 RESERVED (Gipoor Family)

Kosher Kitchen / Soup Kitchen: $24,000 RESERVED (Howard Family)

AC/ Heating: $3200

Restroom: $6750

Lighting: $4200

New Woman's Entrance Door and Wall: $4700

Sink and coffee area: $900

Chairs: $90 each need 50.

Tables: $500 need 5

Fixtures / Bookcases / furniture / $8,700

Total Aprox. needed: $89,250.Total raised as of 2/20/14: $53,800.

General Dedication Brick Opportunity

Founder $10,000 Pillar $5,400 Chai Sponsor $3,600 2 Bricks $1,800

Please contact Rabbi Marcus at 714-828-1851 for more details.

It is important that Capital Campaign contributions be above and beyond your much needed annual contribution toward the operating budget.

Hebrew High

Accredited Program

Chai Society

Connecting young Jews ages 21-35

Seal Beach Menorah

Annual Menorah Lighting

Shabbat & Holidays

Weekly Shabbat services and lunch

Ethel's Soup

Grandma Ethel's Chicken Soup

Chabad Celebration

Annual Dinner and Auction

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