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 We are creating a "Home" for the Torah! New Ark 

The Torah is the center of Jewish life and a blessing to the entire community. It's time we build an ark to house our sacred scrolls. Please be a part of this blessing. The Torah will thank you.

Aron Kodesh - Torah's Ark Dedications: $5000

Parochet-Curtain $5000

Bima-  Torah's Reading Table $7000

Talit Section Dedication $3500

Bima Cover Dedication $5000

*Dedications and names will appear on the velvet parochet curtain.

*(In loving memory of Tibor and Yvonne Rubin /  Emanuel "Mike" Potash / Gary Prince / Chaim Asher Halevi Rael-Brook) 

Curtain: In honor of Brain and Peggy Tabak / Morton Holtzman / 

 Click Here to donate and create a home for the Torah   


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