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  • Dear Readers,

    Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? It's the first Passover in recent history with Jews being held captive. So, how can we embrace freedom while we still feel the weight of oppression? How do we partake in joyful toasting rituals to the Exodus while acknowledging that many among us remain in captivity?

     While Judaism doesn't explain terrorism or tragedy, it does provide a powerful response: In dark times, we increase our light. 

    The Passover observances and the holiday's redemptive spirit are precisely what the world needs now. The wonders that G-d performed for our people during the Exodus embody historical significance and present relevance. It commemorates the past while instilling hope for the future. 

    In this issue, we explore Passover's modern relevance and provide detailed how-tos for celebrating it. The Exodus showed the world what's possible for G-d's people, and this year, let's eat the food of faith and increase our belief and enthusiasm for a better future with the coming of Moshiach.

    A Kosher and Happy Passover,
    Rabbi You and Mrs. Shliach

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