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Save your loved ones from the extra heartache and give them peace of mind knowing that everything is set and taken care off.


Chabad has been assisting locals with pre-need plans and plots for Jewish burial for many years.

Pre-Need: Chevrah Kadisha: The traditional funeral package includes complete mortuary services, tahara, shrouds, shomer, funeral director, hearse at cemetery and plain pine casket. This price also includes the burial permit and one certified death certificate. More details call Rabbi Marcus at 714-828-1851.

Plots: Chabad has a limited amount of plots at Harbor Lawn Mount Olive in Costa Mesa and Chabad also has its own Memorial Park: 

Chabad Mount Olive: Mt. Olive Memorial Park, a Jewish cemetery in use since 1948, was donated by the Groman family to Chabad in the early 1980s. When a need arises, Chabad partners with local Jewish mortuaries, to prepare and transport the deceased. Chabad provides the funeral and burial services and the plot. There are a limited amount of plots left.

For more information or assistance please call Rabbi Marcus at 714-828-1851.

Kaddish Services: Pre-Paid plans allow for kaddish prayers to be said for the year after passing and on yarhtziet thereafter. Contact Rabbi Marcus for details at 714-828-1851. 

The Bible's Tip for Longevity 
by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus

What is the Jewish view on buying a burial plot for your self? Should one wait till the actual time of need, thereby showing their faith that they may live forever? Or should one purchase a plot at a young age?

In the Torah, Abraham is the first recorded Hebrew to purchase a plot for his wife, Sarah. She had died and he purchased a plot for her and at the same time (drumroll please) he bought a plot for himself.

What is amazing is in Torah's very next words: "and Abraham lived a very long time". It's a verse that does not flow with the story. It seems interjected here for a reason. Our Sages all agree that it's a clear message for us. Simply put: buy yourself a plot and you will live a very long life.

It's not a bad omen to talk to Rabbi and arrange your afterlife needs. It's actually a blessing. It's a merit for you and those around you. With less stress and worry, may we all live long and prosper. Amen.