About Rabbis Shaya and Sholom Lieberman

The Chasidic brothers, Shaya and Sholom Lieberman, grew up in a musical family in Brooklyn, New York. Their childhood home was just a few doors away from 770 Eastern Parkway, the world headquarters of the Chabad movement. 

Rabbi Shaya Lieberman received his rabbinical ordination from the Miami Yeshiva and is a classicly trained pianist and bass player. Shaya has performed at sold-out shows with top Jewish performers, including Avraham Fried and Mordechai Schapiro. Shaya is one of the most sought-after bass players in the NY Jewish music scene today. Shaya lives in Brooklyn, where he manages an online commerce business.

Rabbi Sholom Lieberman received his rabbinical ordination from Ohr Elchonon, and he is also a piano maestro and one of Florida's top Jewish musicians. Sholom's musical talents include producing tracks for today's leading Jewish performers, including Baruch Sholom Blessofsky and 8th Day. In addition, Sholom is a full-time web developer and busy musician living in Florida.