Mr. G's Hebrew High Scholarship Fund

Mr. G's Hebrew High Scholarship Fund assists struggling families obtain quality Jewish education and invests in students that are motivated to make a difference.   

To apply for assistance use this link to briefly explain the need. The Board of Directors will review it and respond within a few days.

About Mr. G. Mr. G was the grandfather of the primary contributor To the Scholarship Fund – His Grandson, also happens to be one of 8 founding students, of the then, Long Beach Hebrew Academy. He believes as his grandfather, the importance of a Jewish education and therefore, why the creation of the Scholarship Fund.

Background on Mr. G. Adolph “G”reenes (“Mr. G”) was born in Wolasenkowa, Austria (then to become Poland) on January 18, 1899. He was the youngest of six children (3 boys and 3 girls). At the age of three he started "Chedar" Jewish school, only coming home on Friday night and Saturdays to observe the Sabbath with his family; or on a Jewish holiday. He attended school until he was 13.
In 1915, at the age of sixteen, he was drafted by the Austrian army and served his time until 1918. He came home only to be drafted two weeks later by the Polish army. Having enough of war, he deserted the army in 1919 (20 years old), having to hide in an attic for six months so as not to be found. His only outside communication was with his sister who would sneak food to him. No longer being able to stand living in this situation, he decided to take his chances and come out of hiding. He took ill with typhoid and pneumonia as a result of these months being locked up. His home was quarantined, and as soon as it was lifted the police came in search of him. He ran again and again, only to be caught and sent back three times. Finally, he went home. The police came in search again; frantic; he opened the window and ran, never saying good-bye to his family and never to see his parents again.
In 1922 he met his future wife. She had arrived in America just three days prior. They had been family friends in the old country and he had received word to look them up. They dated for three years and were married August 14, 1926. Her name is Frimet (Freida). They moved to the Bronx to a 5th floor walk-up apartment - living on the top floor; with Freida's mother.
In 1928 they had their first child Walter and in 1933 Beatrice. From 1928 to 1964 Mr. G made numerous failed attempts to start a variety of businesses along with many other jobs, he finally landed a union job as a professional waiter, while his Wife Freida worked as a union seamstress. In 1964 both Adolph and Freida finally retired. They made their first trip to Israel and France. Came back and moved to California to be with their children. It is in California that Adolf morphed into Mr. G. His humor, dry wit and constant support of Israel and the Jewish community made him a pillar to all. California was a very hard adjustment - not having anything to do. He became very active in a small community synagogue (store-front) and was able to go back to practicing his religious beliefs. However Mr. G never owned or drove a car, so daily, no matter where he was, or how far it was, he would walk to temple. He was active in a senior citizens club, an Orthodox group that works for Israel, helped all his
neighbors who could not read, write, or take care for themselves and also and regularly visited sick people in convalescent homes from his community. 
In 1963 Mr. G’s daughter Beatrice had a son. At the encouragement of Mr. G, in 1970 this Son, became one of 8 founding students at the then Long Beach Hebrew Academy, what you know today as the Hebrew Academy. Please remember this story when it’s your turn to do something good for yourself and your community.
Richard A. Wolpow
Chairman of the Board 
Rabbi Shmuel Marcus
Director, Hebrew High