The new course, TO BElieve OR NOT TO BElieve In YOURSELF, introduces students to a 225-year-old text called the Tanya. Authored by the founder of the Chabad, the Tanya is the Chasidic guide for living. These kabbalah-based tools help us better regulate how we think and feel, and ultimately allow us to emerge victorious from life’s inner struggles.

RCS invites you to a women's Class & Dinner with instructor Mrs. Bluma Marcus 

RCS is study group for local women, dinner is served. 

New Course starts:

Monday Dec. 5th at 7pm

Monday Dec. 12th at 7pm

Monday Jan 9th at 7pm

Monday Jan 16th at 7pm

Monday Jan 30th at 7pm

Monday Feb 6th at 7pm

Monday Feb 13th at 7pm

Student fee is $100 for course, includes student book. (Sponsor $180)



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